Dec 3, 2011

facts of life: about Auschwitz...

In times of crisis, one can find fertile grounds for the appearance of populists and self-proclaimed saviours.

They take people's fears and uncertainties and amplify them as much as possible, and the people feel even more helpless.

Then they present themselves as the only ones who can get rid of these uncertainties, and the people rally around them.

Then they hide the roots of all the problems and just arbitrarily blame a minority, and the people always love a scapegoat.

Then they dehumanize the minority, and the people completely dettach themselves from that minority.

Then they start abusing the minority, breaching their Human Rights, and the people turn a blind eye.

Then they take advantage of the general apathy and start breaching everyone's Human Rights, and the people actually give away their rights and freedom.

Then, when it is too late to go back, things get out of control.

From fear to hate, from hate to dettachment, from dettachment to apathy, from apathy to cynicism, from cynicism to pure madness.

Visiting the Museum at Auschwitz is highly recommendable, as it opens one's eyes to the horror that may come from things getting out of control. There are enough, in fact too many examples of History repeating itself while people look the other way.

It is everyone's responsibility to remember the lessons of the past and to stand firmly against all abuse, against all Human Rights violations, against racist rethoric and nationalist tendencies.

As Human beings, when difficult times come, being neutral is not an option.

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