Dec 5, 2011

day 37 - Lochow to Wysokie Mazowieckie

Day 37
August 8th

This morning we thanked our kind hosts by making good use of the gifts we've been handed throughout the trip. Let's face, children have more fun with stuffed animals than we do. We took the opportunity to survey the depths of Boris, whose hidden content never ceases to amaze us.

After saying goodbye, we returned to the small roads in the region. We had an immediate encounter with an old man with a horse carriage, who shared with us stories about his past. Between some thoughts on the political situation in Poland covering several decades, we might have retrieved some knowledge out of the whole conversation.

As the day progressed, the surroundings became less appealing to the eye. There isn't much glamour anymore. We simply have our picnics behind the supermarket and keep going.

Once we came to our destination, we managed to find a cheap hotel, where we managed to stay together in one apartment. With our stomachs filled with pierogi (we're all addicted) we had a relaxed evening, getting to know each other a bit better.

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