Dec 8, 2011

day 44 - Alytus to Vilnius

Day 44
August 15th

Despite the invitation we "chose" not to wake up before 6 AM to go and milk the cow. We did drink some fresh milk, however. This family's friendliness and hospitality are amazing. We had a great morning, playing with the dogs and taking ice cold showers outside, so we left some presents for our new friend Gintare and her family (Boris holds precious hidden treasures) and headed towards Vilnius.

Again, there was a change of plans. Initially we planned to stop at Trakai, but when problems came up, we decided to think outside the box. There were lakes all along the way, but mostly swampy areas, unfit for camping. After we made some phone calls, we decided to ride directly to Vilnius. This meant adding 40 km to the planned route for the day. Fortunately, Tiago can fit any number of bikes into Boris, so Ola and Cezary skipped those last 40 km and rode in the van, getting to Vilnius earlier and helping out with the luggage.

We stayed at the Belarussian Human Rights House in central Vilnius, welcomed by our host Kristina, a volunteer and student at the European Humanities University. There weren't many activities at night, mostly because the boys rode over 120 km today. But we'll have enough time to recover and get to know the Lithuanian capital.

Stage J completed, five more to go.

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