Dec 14, 2011

day 54 - Jelgava to Riga

Day 54
August 25th

This morning, the Latvian University of Agriculture invited us for breakfast. We met with representatives of the International Office, with our colleagues from the LLU Student Parliament and foreign exchange students. A great way to start the day, with some interesting conversations about Student Mobility - what else?

Then our guide Aigars showed us the Jelgava Castle, where LLU has its headquarters, and the Castle's Museum. From there we went to the City Museum, learning a few different things about the local history and culture on every story, as we climbed the tower. When we reached the top we took some time to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

The time came to hit the road once more, for our last day on this stage. Aigars led the group, first on the highway, then on smaller roads. We had one last meeting point at the entrance of Riga, and we were led to the dormitories by another guide, Rihards. We crossed the Daugava and reached our dormitories. We met our local crew and a new rider, Konrad, as we had a quick meal and settled in.

Shortly after our arrival, we moved to the city center and split up. Part of the group took a tour in Old Town. While Julian, Andi and Mani went filming by the river, Georgie went into the river in a kayak, courtesy of our sponsors Luzumpunkts. In the end we gathered at the University of Latvia for dinner. Two more riders, Marcus and Stefan, joined the group and our local organizers showed us Riga by night.

Another brilliant welcome in the Baltic States - with the special touch of Liga, our RFYR Promotion Coordinator, who's been working on this crazy project since the very beginning!

Stage L completed, three more to go.

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