Dec 31, 2011

facts of life: out in the woods

Navigating oneself in the Finnish country roads is very educational. A wavy dirt road can go on for 20 ~ 30 km, but every once in a while there will be a small sign indicating a smaller, wavier dirt road leading somewhere else. This is the closest they have to street names around here.

And while the Finns clearly have quality of life, with their wonderful houses and a sauna next to each room, there is one things these guys love: is going into the woods. Every day I see pimped up trucks with bullbars and spotlights, driven by rugged, bearded individuals dressed in fatigues. I guess the comfort of their homes will never trump the kick they get when they disappear into the wild for a week, hunting moose.

Speaking of moose, haven't spotted a single one so far. Neither has Matt, but he's more interested in reindeer.

1 comment:

  1. Weird enough, but they don't know anything about mushrooms in the woods so there are plenty. When I was living there, just had to go over the street into forest, pick some and make yourself a delicious dressing for potatoes.