Dec 29, 2011

day 59 - Parnu to Jarvakandi

Day 59
August 30th

Today we left the three workers behind once more, so there was some decent route planning once more. We purchased some of our host's amazing woolen clothes and said goodbye. Another riding day expected us with some rain, which is something we could have gone without.

The way North was rather pleasant. The land is flat, the roads are not very bad or very busy, and interacting with the herds of cows across the green fields made for an amusing day. Meanwhile we reached Jarvakandi, and even though we fell a bit short of our plan for the day, we found a nice place to spend the nigh, with the help of some locals. We stayed at the dormitory of a boarding school, Sasha cooked a huge amount of sweet rice and there was much enjoying of the woolen pullovers, perfect for a cold night like tonight.

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