Dec 13, 2011

day 47 - Vilnius to Kaisiadorys

Day 47
August 18th

After the extended vacation (two days of rest), we saddled up, waved goodbye to our hosts and started rolling towards Kaunas. Sabina and Kristjonas joined us for the first stretch, all the way to Trakai. We skipped the visit on our way in, we couldn't skip it on the way out. We relaxed for a while next to the lake, with a beautiful view to the castle, and had a nice lunch.

We resumed riding through small roads until we met Boris in a small village halfway to Kaisiadorys. We had a snack and confused the locals by playing frisbee on the main square. Then we took to the dirt roads to reach our destination before sunset. We'd have to improvise again to find a place to stay.

After checking potential camping spots, our scouts asked for hospitality just outside of town. The owner of the property was happy to welcome us, let us camp in his yard and taught us a few things about his past and about Lithuania, past and present, while we prepared some dinner by the van. Lithuanian hospitality won the prize once again.

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