Dec 31, 2011

day 64 - Lahti to Hartola

Day 64
September 4th

This morning we had breakfast, cleaned up the teachers' lounge and had a little group conference on group routines. These stretches are demanding and we plan on working as a tight group to get to our destination safe and sound. Properly fed and motivated, we hit the road again.

We rode through small roads in the woods, avoiding the highway and the dreaded traffic. There is no shortage of peaceful green scenarios along the way, and we try to enjoy the ride as much as we can. The lack of incidents means a lack of stories, but the feeling is both nice and hard to describe.

After this long day, we came to our stop for the night. Courtesy of the Hartola Congregation, we stayed at their Summer cottage, by the lake. There we met Sini, our coordinator from Joensuu, who drove all the way to meet us.

The rooms were cozy and comfortable, and the main house was fully equipped for a group of crazy cyclists to recover from a day's ride in the sauna, jumping in the lake or enjoying the bonfire outside. Dinner was waiting for us, and after that we met Parson Jeremias, with whom we spent a nice relaxing evening.

Finland just keeps getting better.

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