Dec 8, 2011

day 41 - Dabrowa Bialostocka to Giby

Day 41
August 12th

The sun decided to show its face, this morning. Which was most welcome, not just for the cycling day ahead of us, but for breakfast time as well. We roamed the farm and found a nice spot to eat and then stretch. Healthy body, healthy mind. Maybe we could be healthier, but we try our best. Once we had our fill of sunshine, we packed up, said goodbye to Pawel and hit the road again.

Today we crossed the National Park, enjoying the fresh shade in the middle of the forest. We looked around for a nice place to stay, and we found a campsite next to a lake. Julian and Sasha went to meet Tiago, filled Boris with supplies and we finally pitched our tents.

We have declared a break day, previously unscheduled.

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