Dec 14, 2011

day 51 - Labunava to Baisogala

Day 51
August 22nd

Sasha had a rough morning, riding into Kedainiai obscenely early in the morning and going through the pain of trying to find a wifi hotspot, which is nearly impossible out here. By the time we packed up and met him in town, he was totaled, and so he was assigned to the van. All riders must be in one piece by the end of the day.

Indeed, this was a rough day, as we rode through the Lithuanian plains under very heavy rain. Not much to tell about the trip up to the small village of Baisogala. We came to the school, where a few teachers and staff welcomed us and showed us around. We had the sports hall for ourselves, so we played some barefoot basketball before we our special dinner: Sasha's special soup recipe. After all, it was warm soup that brought him back to life, so he decided to spread the love.

It will take more than heavy rain to stop this group. As long as we have some food and a decent supply of coffee, we'll keep going.


  1. In the morning, I just openned my eyes and what I saw .... of course 3 or 4 powerful riders practising yoga for one hour and doing 50 push-ups every day.

  2. and then I undestood that it would be my best two weeks in 2011, thanks all cyclists:)