Dec 29, 2011

day 58 - Salacgriva to Parnu

Day 58
August 29th

This morning was again time to say goodbye. Kaspars and Julia were going back to Riga, just when we were growing accustomed to their presence, and we were headed to Estonia, already the tenth country on our itinerary. Julian, Andi and Tiago stayed behind to work, so Mani led the way.

We crossed the border into Estonia, faced another different and puzzling language (sadly, we have no Estonians joining) and stopped for lunch. At this point we met two Austrian cyclists, also headed to St Peterburg, like us, but not through Finland. We rode together to Parnu, looked for a place to stay and were hosted by a very nice lady who knits woolen socks and pullovers and has a huge dog named Rocky.

With yet another show of hospitality, we all got together indoors for dinner and to escape the cold outside. Summer won't last much longer in these latitudes.

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