Dec 29, 2011

day 60 - Jarvakandi to Tallinn

Day 60
August 31st

This morning we tried a new method to combat tardiness in pre-riding preparations. Threatening to remove breakfast supplies at a specific time results in one of the most punctual departures ever. All packed up, we moved to Tallinn in our last travel day in the Baltic States.

Today's ride was troublesome, with a couple of minor accidents on the way. We took small roads until our lunch break, and on the final stretch Boris broke down. We were greeted in Tallinn by our local guide Urmas, and waited for Georgie and Tricky to help Tiago get the car moving again. While entering the city center, we had yet another crash and then a confusing check-in process at the hostel. While we gathered our smelly apparel for this stop's laundry service, we were exhausted.

Fortunately, we've already made some friends at the hostel, including with members of a band, very friendly folk. The day was tough but we survived it.

Stage M completed, two more to go.

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