Dec 14, 2011

day 50 - Kaunas to Labunava

Day 50
August 21st

This morning we had a few things to do before departure. First, to fetch our bikes from the Municipality (the GoCycle doesn't do well in the rain) and to meet our friend Reinhard, who's travelling in the area and will be joining us for a few stretches in the next few days. Then we packed our clothes and statuettes, said goodbye to Ola, Cezary and Indre and hit the road.

We had a lunch break in a small village, consisting of the usual campaign meals and some warm pizza. The frisbee is a constant during these stops, which helps to build an appetite (as if we needed help for that).

Our initial goal was to reach Kedainiai, but as usual the plan was changed and we tried to spot a nice place to camp for the night. At some point, we saw an oddly shaped building in the middle of a field - and Boris parked next to it. Tiago had found the remains of an old manor, where a group of locals were executed by Russian soldiers. We explored the site, Andi filmed a few shots and we ended up camping close to the memorial. A lake nearby turned into our swimming pool and water supply and we had a nice camping evening once again.

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  1. Long day on bike and evening bath in a salty lake made us completely hungry but men' supper was delicious means edible in such a natural landscape!