Dec 31, 2011

facts of life: far from over

The Ride has come to a full stop. Or has it?

Certainly not for the next couple of days. Everybody has some time to spend here in St P. We have a few more activities planned, our friend Mario is also visiting - nice to meet the Serbs at the end, again - and there is A LOT of packing up to do.

Certainly not for me, either. Boris needs to go back home, and so does a considerable number of bikes and assorted equipment. I have two more weeks ahead of me, and might just crack the 10000 km barrier.

Certainly not for the project, while we're at it. This particular part of the project is over, and right on schedule, but now there is some serious follow-up to do, including our upcoming Closing Conference. And then, who knows? Everybody who has experienced this already knows there is no leaving RFYR.

The future holds many interesting things happening mostly on bikes. The Ride never stops.

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