Dec 13, 2011

day 46 - Vilnius

Day 46
August 17th

Our busy day began with a pancake breakfast and a few welcome words from the Director of the Belarusian Human Rights House, Anna Gerasimova. Then we had a workshop on Humans Rights Education, led by Jolita Beciene, from the "In Actio" Culture Center. Once again, a great opportunity for all of us to focus on one of the cornerstones of our project. Among other interesting exercises, we tried to evaluate how much inequality we can find in each of our countries of origin, in all aspects of society. It was a very rich discussion, like a few others we had along this trip.

After the lunch break (and the following coffee break), we came back to the HRH to meet Stephan Malerius, the Director of the Belarus Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. We learned about the History of Belarus and its rich and particular culture, and we tried to understand the current political situation, as well as the grim Human Rights situation in this European country.

Unfortunately, our scheduled meeting with the Mayor of Vilnius was cancelled at the last minute. Tiago has been very careful about parking Boris in the right places.

The afternoon continued with a nice city tour, and finally we got together with a few more ESN members and exchange students. We sat for hours outside, drinking wine and listening to live jazz music. Evening became night as we checked out the night life, and eventually we made it back to the House. About to end a longer break than usual, and still a long distance up ahead.

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