Dec 31, 2011

day 63 - Helsinki to Lahti

Day 63
September 3rd

This morning we left everything nice and tidy behind, Finnish style, and saddled up for the first real cycling day. We all expect Finland to be a challenge. Sadly, we had to bid farewell to another rider, whose company we will all miss. Georgie also stayed behind to pick up Tiago, while we got some supplies for the way.

Finland is a rather bicycle-friend country, with Helsinki being a great showcase. We made good use of the cycling paths along our route, with the weather switching between nice warm sunshine and annoying showers. Tiago caught up, Georgie joined the group again and we rolled happily until our lunch break.

A bit cold and a bit wet, we gathered at the supermarket, made the grocery list for dinner and met our coordinator Eeva, who handed us a set of keys and instructions for the night. It was time to get back on the road.

We pedaled our way up to Lahti and found our accommodation for the night: a primary school. We were granted access to the teacher's lounge, prepared dinner, worked on our bikes and made use of the massage chair. A little luxury was much deserved after we'd just set the new distance record: over 140 km.

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