Dec 31, 2011

day 74 - Zelenogorsk to Saint Petersburg

Day 74
September 14th

The morning of our final riding day, we packed up for riding one last time. The fixies - Gosha, Sasha, Masha and Pasha - came to pick us up, and we set off for the short stretch to St P. Escorted by Boris, causing chaos on the small road and stopping because of the unavoidable flats, we entered the city, stocked up on "celebration fuel" and headed to Dvortsovaya square.

We came to the front of the Winter Palace where we met the rest of the fixies who had come to welcome us. We popped open the bottles and we celebrated our unbelievable arrival.
After 11 weeks, having covered over 4800 km through 12 countries, and we made it to Saint Petersburg!

With heads held high and a huge weight off our shoulders, we went to our hostel, met our friend Svetlana who came all the way from Novi Sad by plane (not by bike, pity), sparked a small international diplomatic crisis and settled in. We could sleep a bit more tonight.

Stage O completed. Ride completed.

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