Dec 29, 2011

day 61 - Tallinn

Day 61
September 1st

This morning we said goodbye to the girls. Zane left early in the morning, while Gabrysia and Seul still waved us off as we moved ourselves and our bikes to the Tallinn University of Technology, where we had a busy schedule for the day, led by our organizer Sigrid.

On arrival, we met the staff from the International Office and gave an interview. Then, we had a meeting with Prof Kalle Tammemae, vice-rector of TTU, who welcomed us, showed his personal support for the project and spoke about the University, the Higher Education system in Estonia and the country itself.

After a nice lunch, we hanged around the lobby, where TV crew after TV crew came to interview the group and film some antics combining bicycles and narrow spaces. The whole time, we kept our Bike of Honour on careful display, being such an important symbol of this project's goals.

When our job was done, we went for a little sightseeing tour around the city. By the time we returned to the hostel, the bad news came. Boris had a problem, which turned out to be much more serious than previously thought. We had a group meeting, already with the presence of our new rider, Mateusz. The scenario was not pleasant. We were to pack our luggage counting on a couple of days without the car.

We prepared ourselves for a tough one, but still enjoyed the night out and met some of our local team members. Finland awaits, and that will be a long part of the ride...

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