Dec 5, 2011

day 36 - Warszawa to Lochow

Day 36
August 7th

This morning we said goodbye to our riders Natalia, Rosi, Ania and Sara, and also to our great team that took such good care of us. We had a local guide to get out of the city, and we kept heading East.

After the tough busy roads, we moved on to nicer forest roads. Riding is nicer without the trucks passing by. All of this crowned by a relaxing lunch in a small village, although the villagers were confused about our after-lunch routines. The day went calmly until we reached Lochow, our destination for the day. That's when the fun began.

We asked help from a local to find our accommodation. After realizing there was some mix-up, we asked Arthur (the local) about alternatives. He did some research and came up with the most pleasant solution, inviting us to camp in his yard! With this nice show of Polish hospitality, we set up our tents, his wife prepared our meal and we also got to meet the rest of the family. His two kids were especially fond of playing frisbee with the bike folk.

Unfortunately our hosts didn't have any control over the environmental conditions, so between the huge rain storm and the cloud of mosquitoes, we had a hard night. But getting to know these good people was one of the best experiences on this trip.

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