Dec 31, 2011

day 65 - Hartola to Pieksamaki

Day 65
September 5th

Waking up in such comfort and peace is a great source of strength to face the day. Only problem was, we had to say goodbye to Riina, who's been such an amazing guide. Parson Jeremias came to wish us luck and we took a special group photo - the eleven going to St P.

Our day was long, which came as no surprise. Though we've established a strict routine and must always cover half the day's distance before lunch, one thing is for sure: lunch break is by the lake. No shortage of lakes around here, much like the forest.

In the evening we arrived in Pieksamaki, and were welcomed at the Diaconia University campus. We were a bit late for dinner, but nothing that would make the canteen lady too upset. The Director sent her greetings, as she could not meet us, and we settled at the gym. We spent a wonderful evening with our colleagues from the local Student Union, highlighted by the Singstar competition between Matt and himself.

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