Dec 14, 2011

the Boris diaries, vol. II

- This driver still needs that visa.

Early bird gets the visa, as they say. At the scheduled time, I paid another visit to the consulate, where the same nice lady claimed to remember me, although she was now convinced I was Brazilian. After checking whether she had all necessary information in her hands already. Naturally, something appeared to be missing, so I was sent on a quest for a missing piece of information which I had to retrieve from someone I did not know nor had any way of contacting.

- This driver is not scared of a challenge.

After disturbing our Russian contacts, I returned to the consulate, and as soon as I opened the door the nice lady told that the missing information had been faxed in seconds after I left. The nice lady and I shared a laugh. It might have been two different laughs, actually. With all obstacles removed, I left my passport and the nice lady gave me a scribbled piece of paper, which seemed perfectly logical to me at that point in the morning.

- This driver is confident everything will go smoothly, as all previous experience suggests. Not.

I had lunch with my guardian angel, got Boris, drove back to Lithuania, met the group after they had lunch, drove Reinhard and his lovely companion back to Siauliai, then went to the dormitories to load everything back into Boris. It was time to go back to Latvia, pick up Georgie and join the group again.

- This driver is in Latvia for the second time in four years (also the second time in one day).

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