Dec 29, 2011

day 62 - Tallinn to Helsinki

Day 62
September 2nd

This morning we joined our friend Sigrid on the fast ferry to Helsinki, leaving Julian and Andi with Boris for an appointment with the mechanic and Tiago with another appointment, much further away. Our bikes were pretty well packed with our survival supplies as we left Tallinn.

Upon reaching Helsinki, we met two old friends: Aka came back to join the last stages of the ride, and Riina was there to welcome us and show us our sleeping place. Tonight, we'd sleep on orthopedic hospital beds, with a skeleton watching over us. Once we settled in, it was time for a nice sightseeing tour around the Finnish capital and relaxing by the seaside. Haubi returned home this afternoon. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could cycle to Russia with us?

Later in the evening, Julian and Andi managed to cross over with Boris in the last ferry, carrying much needed supplies for the next two weeks, purchased at Estonian prices. We're short one driver at the moment and we're about to begin the toughest part of our route.

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