Dec 13, 2011

facts of life: the object of research

This morning's discussion was a nice challenge, the kind we always enjoy as it goes to the bottom of the issues we raise along our crazy ride.

European Citizenship is precisely what we're trying to build. Borders mean less and less to us as we progress across the continent. Not just political or geographical borders. We've proven time and again that language barriers mean nothing when the will to communicate is strong, we've absorbed cultural shocks on many occasions and we feel it qualifies us to treat the whole Europe as our home.

But of course this kind of statement has a different meaning when you get to discuss it with academics and researchers, people with a great deal of knowledge and particular views that we often overlook. We must always make the best of the opportunities to face these people and try to learn, maybe not from them, but with them.

After all, in the end, we're the object of their work. We're the ones with the ability to shape our world. That's a great responsibility - and we're comfortable with that.

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