Dec 31, 2011

day 68 - Tuusjarvi to Joensuu

Day 68
September 8th

This morning's challenge was to start riding as early as possible. We had a long way to cover until we'd reached Joensuu, the final stop for this stage. Also, we had to be there in the early afternoon, as there were plans laid out for us which we wouldn't want to miss...

We had to face the rain again, and we kept riding on the main roads to avoid losing time on the way. We took a lunch break by a gas station, in a sort of open hut with a fireplace. We needed that fire badly, and the folks from the station were kind enough to restock the firewood reserve for us. At the end of lunch a polite gentleman sat beside us and began to speak Finnish for quite a long time, choosing to ignore the fact that we didn't understand anything he said. It was time to hit the road once more.

Much to our own surprise, we made it to Joensuu right on time and headed to the UEF campus, where were met our hosts. Nothing sounded better than enjoying the best kind of hospitality, crashing on the couches of our fellow students! We got our luggage, split to make our beds and gathered again for a promising evening.

A respectful delegation from UEF welcomed us to a magnificent villa, where we had a great dinner and the mandatory sauna session. We met some fellow students, including our friend from Vilnius, Kristina. We enjoyed a wonderful time, before going out to visit the Student Union and to check out the local nightlife.

Stage N completed, one more to go.

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