Dec 31, 2011

day 71 - Savonlinna to Imatra

Day 71
September 11th

This morning our wonderful hosts prepared breakfast for us, including a generous amount of coffee, much needed for the challenge at hand. We packed up, said goodbye and headed to our last stop in Finland.

We had a lunch break about halfway, now facing the cold without warm food. We managed to bypass this problem with an instant barbecue set and Matt's metallurgy skills. Having salvaged the situation, the road awaited. We still made it to Imatra before dark.

In Imatra, we stayed at the Koskis Youth Club, a huge house with all sorts of spaces and equipment for any activity we could think of. Our host showed us around and explained that, even though the club caters to the needs of dozens of youth and elderly each day, it might be closed down because the land is too valuable. We're also riding for their right to keep this space open!

We settled in, had some warm vegetable soup, put the sauna to use and began preparing for the big moment: tomorrow's border crossing into Mother Russia.

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