Dec 8, 2011

day 43 - Giby to Alytus

Day 43
August 14th

This morning we said goodbye to Nina (again), synchronized our watches and rolled down uncharted roads into Lithuania. The difference between the landscapes, and of course between cycling conditions, was impressive. From nice paved roads through wide plains, to bumpy dirt roads through thick forest. One thing remained: lakes everywhere, which make for the best lunch breaks.

A nice distinctive feature were the small colourful houses in these tiny villages. Another distinctive feature is that nobody in the group understands Lithuanian. Surely some people speak Polish around here, but the language barrier is becoming bigger.

Upon reaching Alytus, we had to cancel our scheduled accommodation. We split up to find an alternative, Boris nearly got stuck in the woods nearby, but eventually this team of diplomats managed to secure hospitality on a farm near the city. The nice family let us use their kitchen and other facilities, and even found us a room where we'd all fit for the night. The bikes were safely stored in the barn and we tried not to wake the dogs.

We've experienced Polish hospitality before, now we get to experience Lithuanian hospitality, both priceless. Now to convince our host Gintare to get a bike and ride with us...

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