Dec 31, 2011

day 67 - Kuopio to Tuusjarvi

Day 67
September 7th

Again treated to breakfast at the cafeteria, we visited other spots of interest on campus, particularly the International Office. None of us really knew much about Kuopio and UEF, but we were all very impressed (some actually consideration moving here). Having said goodbye to our wonderful local team, we finished packing and moved on.

It was impossible to get lost, since we were crossing lakes all the time and there was only one road ahead of us. When there was no road, there was a ferry. Since today's distance was smaller than usual, we took some more time to enjoy the sights and do some filming. Even Tricky caught a fish "that big".

We took a lunch break by a small marina and checked our route thoroughly, since our accommodation for tonight was on a farm, far away from any populated area. Rolling through dirt roads, we arrived to find one of the nicest places we could dream of. Comfortable rooms in cottages, with the mandatory private sauna, a great garden with swings to enjoy a beer at sunset and a nice warm meal. There were lots of hunters staying there, or just stopping for dinner, who were a bit puzzled by the group of bikes. All in good spirit, of course.

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  1. That's really interesting and extremely awesome.