Dec 14, 2011

day 55 - Riga

Day 55
August 26th

Our local team put together a very busy plan for the day, which got us out of bed really early. Seul, whom we'd met in Siauliai, joined us as promised. Having met the rest of the group, she got up on a Swedish bike (thanks again, guys) and we all followed Boris to the University building.

First we met our colleagues from the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art Student Parliament and from the local ESN section, and were greeted by the President of the LU Student Union. They complimented us on our initiative and we complimented them on their outstanding organization. Up on the roof, where we belong.

We had a discussion forum with very distinguished guests: Janis Vetra, Director of the Council of Higher Education; Juris Krumins, Vice-Rector of the University of Latvia; Gita Revalde, Director of the Dept of Higher Education from the Ministry of Education and Science; and Baiba Ramina, Head of the Academic Information Center.

Our lengthy and stimulating debate was moderated by a fellow student, and we touched upon every single topic of Higher Education, at the national and European Level. Student Mobility, finances, recognition, Bologna Process... A unique opportunity to discuss these matters with the very people who can address the problems we face. Our speakers also expressed their support for our project by signing our Manifesto and the Bike of Honour.

We went for lunch (against all odds, typical Lithuanian Chili Pizza) and took a quick walk around the park before heading to the House of the European Union, where lecturer Inese Runce gave us a presentation about Cultural Diversity in the Baltic. History of this part of the world is a mystery for most foreigners, and yet it is incredibly rich and often provides valuable lessons to those willing to take heed.

Afterwards we took a bike ride around the center and visited the Museum of the Sun, an impressive space dedicated to our Star, so faithfully worshiped, so carefully studied and so creatively painted by this group of artists.

Before dinner there was still time to meet the press and speak of the project. After that we moved back to the dorms for a quick stop, and then off to another local landmark, the LIDO Recreation Center.

This was a fun and busy day, with the promise of more fun days ahead, as our group gets larger.

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  1. Superb! I am proud of all of you! Go for your rights!