Dec 31, 2011

day 73 - Vyborg to Zelenogorsk

Day 73
September 13th

T'was a glorious Russian morning when we found out there was no electricity in the morning at the hotel. Of course we could still have showers, just as long as we had showers with very cold water and in the dark. So we gathered happily for breakfast and met our fixie guides, who would lead us to our next stop.

We took the main roads on advice from our guides, which meant Boris escort all the way. Oddly enough, Russian drivers are mostly crazy, but they actually care about cyclists, try to keep a safe distance (without ever slowing down) and were generally friendly towards the group.

We had a lunch break at a service station, trying all the specialties we could vaguely understand in Cyrillic, and it began to rain. Then we took a lesson in simplicity from the fixies. For just a couple of rainy days, there was really no need for fancy waterproof equipment...

Solving a couple of tire-related problems, we resumed riding. There were quite a few stops along the way, which only drew greater attention to our unusual group, but the fixies kept the rhythm and we made it to Zelenogorsk quite fast.

There, we found our dacha. We managed to fit everyone and their bikes, took up some cleaning and went out for dinner in town. Interacting with the locals was easier than we imagined, but even with the help of a dictionary, we have "eskalop" for every meal.

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