Dec 3, 2011

day 29 - Katowice to Czestochowa

Day 29
July 31st

This morning we rode to the main square of Katowice (which was empty, now) for a meeting with the local authorities. Once again, the authorities didn't show up, with the notable exception of the Vice-Mayor of Katowice, who gave us a speech of encouragement, promised support for a future visit from us and signed our Manifesto.

We were escorted by the police and the traffic marshalls, in our first proper motorcade on this trip, and stopped at the exit of the city to get some food for the day. Matt's magic phone rang and 15 minutes later, a crew from the national TV came to interview the group.

The road exiting Katowice was quite busy, so we had Boris follow us until we could find a nicer path. We stopped for lunch and met a huge group of pilgrims. After all, we were headed for the most notorious Catholic sanctuary in Poland, on a Sunday.

Upon reaching Czestochowa, we met the media once again, gave an interview for the radio, then set up camp and went out for dinner - typical Polish döner kebab.

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