Dec 3, 2011

day 28 - Auschwitz

Day 28
July 30th

Our stop in Katowice consisted almost entirely on a visit to the Auschwitz Museum. For some in the group, it was the first visit, for others, already the fourth. We had a very good guide, took some photos, and will give a dedicated post on the topic.

After seeing Auschwitz and Birkenau, we had lunch in Oswiecim and made our way back to Katowice, to get a bit of rest and catch up with some work. We witnessed Matt's thoroughness when it comes to event organization, as he ranted about the police's inability to flush out every single car from a huge square. If Matt needs the square empty, the square must be empty.

Tonight we were also joined by two new riders, Natalia and Rositza. It is very nice to have women in the group again, since we behave in a more civilized way. We welcomed them and we will take extra good care of them.

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