Dec 3, 2011

facts of life: the religious factor

The group of pilgrims we met today had an impressive organization. They had people to properly stop the traffic, a man with a loudspeaker, a tight schedule control, everything we need for our own group.

Being an atheist moving around between Fátima and Santiago de Compostela, two notorious Catholic sanctuaries, I can say I'm used to meeting pilgrims but completely unable to understand what moves them. But something does move them, and the level of sacrifice of some pilgrims is overwhelming.

Most of the time, I try to understand what separates me from others. When it comes to something so personal as religious faith, this task becomes much harder. What I do is simply respect people's right to their beliefs. Sadly, religious intolerance is still widespread, and since it is a matter of personal belief, it will always be one of the most demanding obstacles to overcome.

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