Dec 3, 2011

day 30 - Czestochowa to Piotrkow Trybunalski

Day 30
August 1st

Our riding day took us through some smaller roads on the Polish country side. We deserved a break from all the crazy traffic, even though it is impossible to avoid heavy trucks completely. Riding smoothly through bumpy roads, we made our way up to Piotrkow Trybunalski.

Piotrkow is a small city, with a rather pleasant atmosphere. We stayed at a youth hostel, or rather at the youth hostel floor of an anachronic hotel, with grandmother style sofas and wobbly bunk beds. The staff were kind enough to give us a whole corridor to dry our tents. It seems that it rains everytime we have to camp, and it breaks our spirits to pack up wet tents for days, knowing that we have to use them again...

Tonight, Patrick joined the group. He was cycling like crazy from Vienna to catch up with us, had his share of adventures on the way and had already made contact with some local cyclists, trying to find some more people to ride with us. We all had a late pizza dinner and prepared for the final stretch, up to Lodz.

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