Dec 3, 2011

facts of life: the local characters

Piotrkow may not be such a big place, but it still has some things to offer to its visitors. Upon arriving ahead of the group, I took a walk around to find a place to have lunch. One particular pub drew my attention and I was properly fed there for a very reasonable price.

Hours later, when Patrick came to town, he chatted up some locals who recommended that same place to him. Not long after, the pizza searching group was also told to get the food from this place.

As we sat waiting for the pizzas, we could tell it was the busiest spot in town. But when the town's legendary male go-go dancer showed up on his Harley, with a little terrier in a rucksack strapped to his chest, we knew for sure this was the best place in town. All hail the local characters!

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