Dec 3, 2011

day 31 - Piotrkow Trybunalski to Lodz

Day 31
August 2nd

Our last leg of the stage started out very promising. As we packed our luggage into Boris, two cyclists from the local cycling club Piotrkowska Grupa Rowerowa showed up, as they'd promised Patrick to join the group in the morning. Then, one by one, more people kept riding into the courtyard, some on their handmade fixed gear bikes! It was a great feeling to have 10 locals join the ride, even if they wouldn't ride all the way to Lodz.

About half way through, we switched from a cycling escort to an auto escort, with Boris following us on the road to the entrance of the city. Our local coordinator Pawel led us on the final stretch to the meeting point, where we would find our welcoming party.

We were greeted by Prof Wolf, pro-rector of the Technical University of Lodz and vice-president of EUF-CE, by Prof Ehmann, secretary-general of EUF-CE and by Gabriela Szkup, our organizer representing the University of Lodz, who gave us a full briefing on all the events put together for us. Along with them, we met the local ESN team and a few more cyclists who decided to join us for our visit. It was an impressive welcome!

Ride for your Rights!

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We headed to the dormitories, cycling across the city center, followed by Boris and escorted by two police motorcycles. Making heads turn is what we do best.

Once we settled at the Lumumbi dormitories, we went for dinner at the UL Conference Center, where we met Prof Wysokinska, pro-rector of the University of Lodz, as well as our welcoming group. After the meal, we moved to the surroundings of Piotrkowska for the evening activities - which included celebrating a birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, today was a milestone for our project, as we completed one whole month on the road.

Stage G completed, eight more to go.

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  1. Finally you reached Lodz and Lumumby :)