Dec 4, 2011

day 35 - Warszawa

Day 35
August 6th

This morning, a battalion of young ladies marched in the dormitory to prepare breakfast for us. We could get used to this kind of special treatment, but then we wouldn't cycle anywhere.

A good breakfast was indeed necessary, as we had an intense schedule for the day. We began with a visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Actually reaching the Museum was a fun challenge, but the visit was worth it. It is modern, interactive, educational and just a bit too crowded. Also a visit we'd recommend to our readers.

Afterwards we signed up for the Critical Mass gathering that afternoon, to celebrate the Jubilee of the Museum. We went back to get our bikes and joining the cycling crowds, just before a massive storm dropped a month's worth of rain on us. Nothing that would deter us, anyway. We'll probably experience worse on the road, as the Summer comes to an end.

Upon our soaking wet return, it was time for warm showers and getting ready for a city tour, put together by our hosts. Gabriela, from Lodz, also joined us for the evening. We strolled around the city center, learned about Old Town and New Town and all the influence struggles from centuries back. We watched a light show on the fountain and roamed around some more until our visit led us to some nice, tasty pierogi.

Two more birthdays being celebrated, this fine evening. Hopefully nothing that will make tomorrow's riding more difficult.

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