Dec 3, 2011

day 32 - Lodz

Day 32
August 3rd

After the demanding night out, we began to recharge our batteries having breakfast at LU Conference Center. Then we all got up on our bikes and went to the City Hall, for our scheduled events.

We were welcomed by Deputy Mayor Agnieszka Nowak, who gave a speech on the importance of Student Mobility and active citizenship, and also on the fundamental topic of urban mobility. Prof Wysokinska, Prof Wolf and Prof Ehmann addressed the riders, praising the initiative and voicing their support. There was also a presentation from the Fundacja Normalne Miasto, who have been lobbying the local authorities for better cycling conditions in the city.

Following the speeches, the Deputy Mayor signed the "Ride for your Rights!" Manifesto in a gesture that drew much attention from the media and showed the fundamental support of the City of Lodz for our cause.

After a nice buffet lunch, and before we began the city tour, Prof Wysokinska and Prof Wolf signed the Bike of Honour, confirming their commitment, both institutional and personal, to foster Student Mobility.

Our guide tour of the city took us down Piotrkowska, as we learned sme key facts of the history of Lodz, how the city was created as a commercial stronghold, the different cultures that came in contact throughout the centuries, and so much more that we can't tell you everything in one blog post...

In the evening, we were invited for dinner. Prof Wolf welcomed us to a great restaurant, located in a villa which used to be owned by rich merchants - as was most of the city, as we learned... We had a magnificent meal and thanked our hosts for everything that was prepared for us in this very important stop in our journey.

Quick drink, saying goodbye to friends and preparing for our next stage...

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