Dec 2, 2011

day 27 - Ostrava to Katowice

Day 27
July 29th

Another rainy day, another riding day. We left Ostrava and our refuge on the hilltop and headed up to Poland. The trio rode quite fast, as is becoming habit in the last week. The roads are in bad condition, the drivers are reckless, there are trucks loaded with coal passing by all day, but we move on.

From an industrial city in the Czech Republic, we moved to an industrial city in Poland. We came to Katowice and met our local organizer, Matt, who is the incarnation of organization, and also Greg, former Erasmus student in Portugal. We settled in at the Karol Adamiecki dormitories, got a great deal on pizzas for dinner and still had time to join a birthday party on the upper floor.

Tiago brought Andi back to the group and we began preparing our plan for tomorrow: a visit to the Auschwitz Museum. A decisive start for this stage of the ride.

PS: the photographers were on strike today...

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