Jul 5, 2011

We are on the move...

Dear supporters,

we made it. Ride for your Rights! is on the move and the group can feel the first 100 km in their legs. After 3 sleepless nights and all last minute preparations the core team met up in Vienna, raced down to Novi Sad and hit the road once again just on time together with the first RfyR! participants.

Tiago being happy upon arrival

Before we present you a few first impressions on our opening event in Novi Sad, there are a few thank you notes we would like to make.

First off, without the generosity of Mr Wilmhelm Weintritt, RfyR! would not be able to operate. Mr Weintritt provided us with one of his vans and decorated it in a way worth showing to the rest of Europe. Should you ever be in need of getting your car fixed in Austria or even need to purchase one, then make sure you visit one of his branches around Vienna.

This ladies and gents is 'Boris the Norris', baptised by Tiago himself who has already established a profound relationship with his 4 wheeler.

Wilhelm Weintritt handing over the keys of Boris

Next we would like to thank Michi, the owner of the trendy bike shop called Ciclopia, situated in the heart of Vienna

Michi usually doesn't sponsor any cyclists. However, he was impressed by the scope of Ride for your Rights! and decided to provide Julian with the finest bike to be found in his shop. Michi and his team gave Julian expert advise to find just the right bycicle customised to the needs of the route. Bottom line: Great people, trendy shop, free coffee, big discount on bike and equipment plus full sponsorship of some spare parts for all RfyR! riders. Pay Michi and his crew a visit and find your own dream bike.


To get an idea of what went down on at the opening of Ride for your Rights! have a look at the local media coverage.

In our next blog entry we will introduce the first group of riders, Tiago will reveal his secrets about Boris and Andi will share his first impressions seen through the magic lens.

Tomorrow the group will cross borders and enter the 3rd of the 12 Ride for your Rights! countries - Hungary.

Catch you later,
The core team


  1. Things are looking good for Ride for you Rights. Keep on pedalling. I'd love to see photos of the entire group. Who are the cyclists and where do they come from? Somebody please give Tiago a strong Portuguese coffee to keep him awake for the drive!

  2. We'll be publishing the profiles of our participants along with the Bicycle Diaries. Group photos will show up eventually :)

    As for the coffee, I guess I'll have to cut back. Espresso is expensive around these parts. And fish is nowhere to be found, which is even worse for my fragile stomach...