Jul 28, 2011

day 11 - Budapest to Esztergom

Day 11
July 13th

Andi and Julian left the dormitory incredibly early to film some more. Our cameraman, film director and random individual is worn out, and we can all sympathize with that. The man earned himself a ride with Boris.

On our departure from Budapest, we said the first goodbyes. Sanja went back to Serbia with her family, and now we're missing someone to remind us we need to hit the road. "Let's go, people!" became a calling we all got used to. Sanja will be missed...

Off to Esztergom, along the river, bit of a long distance again, but not many unexpected events. We had a nice stop in Visegard, had some watermelon by the river, reloaded and hit the road again. As we hit the roads we actually know, things run much smoother.

We gathered in Esztergom in front of the Bazilika, a very impressive monument (the tallest in Hungary, according to some research by our TechGuy), where we were supposed to meet a TV crew. Their van was there, but the actual crew was a no show. Normally, that would be a problem, but we have bigger concerns, most of the time. On the positive side, our group grew once more: Christian met us, after making his way to Esztergom from Vienna, by bike.

We stayed at a nice dormitory in that very square, had some nice pasta bolognese and enjoyed the evening looking across the Danube to Sturovo, on the Slovak side. This quiet night ended when Niki and Tiago spotted some more backyard wildlife. We're looking forward to seeing some bears, soon.

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