Jul 28, 2011

day 12 - Esztergom to Komarom

Day 12
July 14th

As we took off from Esztergom, we immediately encountered our first misfortune of the day: Sasha had a flat. The group waited, while Boris rushed to leave Andi at the trainstation and Mario rushed to cross the Slovak border and drink some Kofola.

Then we found out we have much to improve on the stopping signs within the group. Nina was the main casualty, but fortunately the asphalt broke her fall. Since we couldn't find a store selling replacement knees, she was all patched up and Boris came back for the transport.

The group had split in three: some took the direct road, some went up and down the hills and Mario drank half the Kofola available in Komarno. We all met at our shelter for the night, a gym in a school on the Hungarian side (the magic formula), where we were met by the vice-mayor. We took a little while to shoot some hoops and ended up delaying an aerobics class, much to the boys' liking. Off to Komarno for dinner, a long streak of inappropriate jokes and finally a storm, to make the way back much more challenging.

We continue to enjoy the local hospitality, but we're eager to meet more people in high places to express the purpose of this whole ride, which is not just interrupting someone's tennis match. There's a part for the legs and a part for the brains. Looking forward for the next days.

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