Jul 28, 2011

day 10 - Budapest

Day 10
July 12th

Another break, another small city tour. We began strolling around the market, then a few of us went for a longer walk, while Andi took the longest in order to find a good spot to film. As usual, no break for the core team, because work never stops.

Our group grew larger when we were joined by Juliane and Christopher Soyka, sister and brother who came all the way from Vienna to ride with us. We expected more people, but it seems it's not easy to convince you lot to get up on your bikes. Let's hope we can still change your minds before we reach our final destination.

We later met Zsofia and Henrietta from the local organizing team, Tiago ruined dinner (although claiming he was sabotaged) and we all got some much deserved rest. A slow day on the story side, but a nice one for sightseeing.

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