Jul 24, 2011

day 6 - Pecs

Day 6
July 8th

We had our first resting day in Pecs. As it turned out, we had no plan, and we would have slept in if it weren't for the burning sun, starting at 7am. Not much to tell about this day. We needed some rest and relaxation, and that was precisely what we had. City tour at will, no pressure.

While some of us took a stroll around town, some others had to work. Andi was a busy bee, looking for a nice place to shoot some scenes, Julian and Sasha were dragged around as well, but Tiago was the lucky one. While on our search for a place with wifi coverage to start publishing some of these stories, we accidentally came across a bike repair / rental, called Velosophie. After a quick chat about who we are and what we're doing, they invited us in, offered some refreshments and let us use their space and wifi to get some work done. Tiago stayed there all afternoon, told them about the project, got some contacts of a few Hungarian cycling activists, and eventually some of our riders came in for a last minute check-up.

Velosophie is part of the LABOR Cooperative. They're not just about the bikes. One of their catchiest operations is light painting buildings. We sign off with a word of thanks to these guys, a sneak peak of some of their work and a piece of advice: check out their website and open your mind!

velosophie újrenyitó 2011. by labor_media

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