Jul 31, 2011

facts of life: sacrifice

I still find it amazing that this group keeps on riding under the sun and they've all made it so far without major problems.

Naturally, this effort takes a toll on everyone. Sure enough, I have spare time to complain and then write about it, but today, as we were discussing city tours and bike service, I noticed that everyone seems completely tired. For sure, they'll get up on their bikes again tomorrow, brave against the heat and the wind, ride until our next stop, and then some, because they believe in what they're doing and they're having fun in the process. But I must pay tribute to these boys and girls. Their spirit of sacrifice is unmatched.

Hopefully we'll have some easier days ahead, before we say goodbye to most of these great people. They all deserve to have a bit more fun before returning to their homes, but most of all, they deserve recognition. They are riding for your Rights!

When are you joining?

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