Jul 31, 2011

day 15 - Gyor to Bratislava

Day 15
July 17th

We began stage D lighter than expected (some jackass stole a bag from our camp) and once again crossed the Danube, making our way to the dam in Gabcikovo.

There we met a true citizen of the world, currently based out of Bavaria. This nice lady came up to the group, inquired about the project and where each of us came from. She then proceeded to speak in nearly every language represented by us: Serbian, Hungarian, German, Portuguese and the classic Globish we all use to communicate around the world. She told us about her amazingly full life, signed our Manifesto and wished us luck for the rest of our way.

We followed the cycling path to Bratislava, short one member: Sasha's day off. Washing hands is overrated, but only to a certain extent. We later gathered in Sad Janka Kral'a, where we met Michal, our local organizer. He led us to the dormitories, presented us to the amazing old school bureaucracy there and we all made it to our own respective rooms.

Out to dinner, we were met by 3 more riders, coming in from Vienna: Connie, Miriam and Tanja hopped off the bus with their bikes, right under our noses! Then, those who were still feeling fresh went for some clubbing. The best part of the dormitories in Mlynska Dolina is that you don't really have to go far to find some food and some fun.

Again, we deserve it!

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