Jul 25, 2011

day 9 - Dunaujvaros to Budapest

Day 9
July 11th

On this last day of our second stage, we were invited / advised not to hit the road in the morning. Morning turns to noon, cyclists turn to roast and it just doesn't make sense. The school staff were kind enough to let us sleep in, and then use their facilities all morning and early afternoon. We sent e-mails, made phone calls, took care of laundry and prepared a decent route up to Budapest. Andi set up his studio and got some statements from the brave riders.

We left Dunaujvaros, crossed the Danube again and rode against strong wind and through some challenging sand banks. We progressed slowly but steadily, and eventually came to Rackeve, through the natural park. Tiago had snacks for our pitstop, so we recharged our batteries (in Andi's case, literally), switched on the headlights and set off howling in the night.

We rode up to Csepel, met Boris again in the city, Tiago had somehow managed to find Brazilians to hand out flyers to, made our way across the Danube again and finally reach our destination, a dormitory / hostel by Corvinus University. With Mirko as our guide for the last few days, we'd survived another stretch in our long way to Russia.

Stage B completed, thirteen more to go.

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