Jul 24, 2011

facts of life: turning high tech to low tech

Coming soon to Szekszard was quite an interesting experience. Andi needed to work (a lot!) so I decided to park Boris, leave Andi to his editing and scout the place on foot. When you lack a GPS, you make due with what's available. In my case, free wifi + google maps + good memory.

Free wifi comes and goes. Everywhere in Hungary, even in small villages, you can find internet hotspots, but all work differently for some reason. Google maps doesn't show altitude, and I've fallen into that trap before. Good memory is something I wish I had.

The result was a wild goose chase, dehidration, waste of diesel, loss of patience and listening to a former kickboxer talking about Jesus. I landed in Szekszard hours before the cyclists, and I found the place at the same time as they did.

We should probably have bought a GPS, but that would be no fun. Mostly because I would not have the chance to see the jogging twins. That was the most beautiful sight I encontered so far.

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