Jul 16, 2011

day 4 - Osijek to Mohacs

Day 4
July 6th

The day began early for some. The same "some" as usual. Andi, Sasha and Julian went to meet Ivan once again for a city tour and some filming, since Julian and Andi were late for yesterday's tour. It would be a shame not get some footage of a beautiful place like Osijek.

After this second tour for the three, or sleeping in for others, everyone gathered for breakfast. We were bit in a hurry, because we had a meeting with Boris at "lega lega" shop arranged. There were guys from "Bike my day" organisation waiting for us, we took some photos, exchanged ideas and contacts, and once more sat on our bikes and left. That day, our goal was Mohacs.

This part of the route was unknown to all of us, so after a few wrong turns we were on our way to the Hungarian border through the Nature Park "Kopacki rit", what we like to call Jurassic Park, mostly because of the entrance.

The route was surprisingly interesting, the road was more than comfortable for riding, and after a couple of signs "Danger! Frogs!" and 40km we met the Hungarian border control. After some minutes of explaining what we were doing and which way we were taking, they wished us luck and we continued to Mohacs.

We were just about to enter the city, when we saw Tiago and Boris sunbathing and waiting for us. We stopped to get info about our accommodation for that night, and we heard only good news: "Tonight we are sleeping in an old cottage by Danube. Do not even think about going into the river, the whirlpools are too dangerous, there is an army of hungry mosquitoes, and you have 13 more kilometers to reach the place. And yeah, I almost forgot to mention, don't go beyond the fence, since there is a mine field. Also, it's not really a cottage."

Once we got there we were quite surprised that it is not that bad. the "cottage" was actually a former military post on the tri-border area, with a ramp for patrol boats. The mine field issue began to make sense. It looked creepy from outside, but the interior was quite cozy. Comfortable beds, equipped kitchen, and hot showers was exactly what we needed. We prepared some kilos of pasta, had dinner, and went to sleep, exhausted from heat and mileage that was far over our plans.

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