Jul 24, 2011

facts of life: living inside an oven

After a few days of following this group, I'm still puzzled: why would anyone do something so crazy? These guys are constantly late for departure. They start riding in the middle of the morning, towards noon. They go under the sun (not much shade in the Pannonian plane, just cereal plantations), they ride for hours, they get lost, they change plans, they get lost again and are later led to rocky trails by their trusted cycling maps. No wonder they're tired - despite whatever you might read on their profiles...

Surely anyone would think I have it easy. Not exactly.

When they plan to leave at 9am, they leave between 10am and 11am. Once they leave, I start loading Boris. That can take between 15 minutes when we don't camp, up to 45 minutes if we do camp. I love puzzles but I need my time to solve them properly. Loose cargo in the back is a traffic hazard. Either way, my day usually starts with working under the sun.

Since Boris is not a small fellow, I can't always park in the shade, which means the water I carry turns to tea and I personally turn to roast. And yes, Boris has AC, but that's a waste of diesel under our low budget constraints.

The riding group has it rough. Very rough indeed. But I can no longer stand my own smell. This heat will be our demise.

- Tiago

PS: they tell me the above statements are not entirely correct. They do have valid reasons to be late, and the troubles are not so hard. But if they were abducted by aliens, I wouldn't know. I can only imagine. Time slips by more slowly for me.

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