Jul 8, 2011

day 1 - Novi Sad to Backa Palanka

Day 1
July 3rd

The day started with a very informal meeting by the van, our sturdy Boris. Even though most of us were at the hostel the night before, we hardly got a chance to talk until we were forced to take on the first challenge: fitting all our stuff into the back of the van...

We headed to the meeting point, in front of the Novi Sad City Hall, where the opening ceremony took place. We had speeches from Aleksandar Kravic - city counselor for Sports of the Novi Sad City Council, Miroslav Veskovic - rector of the University of Novi Sad, Wojciech Wolf - vice-president of Campus Europae and our own Julian, then a spin of the Bike of Honour and the handout of the bikes from Ideas on Tour, to whom we'd like to address our thanks and wishes of great success in their future endeavours. They'll earn a longer reference soon, on your new favorite blog :)

The group headed out to Backa Palanka, on the bicycle path along the Danube, with a very relaxing stop at a place called Florida (not to be confused with state commonly known for its orange juice and sunglasses-wearing red-headed detectives).

We had a chance to meet some nice people from the Backa Palanka Youth Club, who welcomed us to our very first stop of the very first stage.
After a nice dinner at a local pizzeria and a relaxing moment by the Danube, we spent the night at the sports hall of the Desanka Maksimovic elementary school.

Our first day was over, and we couldn't really believe that our ambitious project had, in fact, begun. As we went to sleep that night, we had no idea of what lay ahead and the challenges that we'd face. But it was real, at last...

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